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The evening menu

First course

  • Thai-style prawn tartare

  • Chicken mousseline with smoked corn and shellfish bisque

  • Zucchini gazpacho with mint and fresh goat's cheese espuma

Main course

  • Green asparagus risotto with roasted pine nuts and parmesan chips

  • Fish fillet, coral lentil, coconut and curry sauce, cabbage wok and pasta pearls

  • Beef skirt steak, meat jus reduced with yuzu lemon, snacked sucrine, carrot purée and onion confit


  • Vercors cheese plate (8€)


  • Namelaka cream with Dulcey blond chocolate, Granny Smith apple and rhubarb

  • Rice pudding, tonka bean crumble and poached strawberries with basil

  • Dark chocolate Guanaja 70% and red wine ganache, cocoa crumble and olive oil sorbet


  • 3 courses menu 38€

  • 4 courses menu 45€

  • 6 courses menu 58€

Food and beverage pairings

  • 4 glasses pairing (8cl) €28

  • 6 glasses pairing (6cl) 38€

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